The Company shall be called the "New Lyric Operatic Company".



The objects of the company shall be to inform the public in the Arts and in particular Musical Theatre, by the presentation of performances and other musical activities.


The Company shall consist of a Committee, playing members and non-playing members. Honorary and Life members may be elected by the executive authority, hereinafter referred to as the Committee.


The management of the Company shall be vested in the Committee as herein provided.


The Committee shall consist of five members of the Company, each to serve a term of three years, together with the four serving Officers (who are elected to serve for two years and one further year with no voting rights.) (viz Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer.) and the immediate past chairperson. The Chairperson of the Committee shall preside at all meetings and in his/her absence the Vice-Chairperson of the Committee shall preside and in his/her absence any member of the Committee shall be elected to act in his/her stead. The Committee shall be empowered to co-opt a member or members on to the Committee in the event of a vacancy arising or as considered necessary. The co-opting of a supporting committee member will be carried out through committee choice of one or more members from the eligible paid up members group.

6.Duties and powers of Chairperson and Committee

The general administration and policy of the Company and the management of its property and finances shall be vested in the Committee. Meetings may be summoned by the Chairperson for the transaction of business as often as may be found necessary. Five members of committee shall form a quorum; however two of the five must be serving honorary officers.

7.Meetings of Committee

The first meeting of the Committee shall be held within seven to ten days after the Annual General Meeting.

  1. In the event of any committee members’ position becoming vacant for whatever reason during their year of office, a Committee meeting must be called for the purpose of filling the vacant post with an existing Committee member, who shall then serve during the remainder of the current period as acting officer.

  2. A Vice-Chairperson will be elected in the knowledge that he/she will serve two years in this capacity and then automatically move to Chairperson (if desired or agreed) at the following Annual General Meeting. He/she will serve one year as Chairperson and then automatically serve the following year on committee. This means a total commitment of five years to make for continuity.

9.Social Committee

A Social Committee consisting of six or more members with power to co-opt such additional members as and when considered desirable, shall be elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. The functions of this Committee shall be the organising of social functions and fund-raising events for the benefit of the Company.

10.Social Committee Finance

Social Committee Finance is managed in accordance with the New Lyric Operatic Company Financial Policy. For any events or other initiatives, which need to be financed on behalf of the Committee, a Request will be submitted to the Treasurer and recorded accordingly. The money will be released from the account or via cheque, signed by the Treasurer and another member of the Executive Committee with signatory powers.

11.Formation of a Youth Group

In the event of the formation of a Youth Group, the Company accepts an obligation of following good practice in their work with any members below the age of 18, by employing our Child Protection Policy. Any financial dealings of this Group will be carried out in line with the Financial Policy. Upon an introduction of such a Group, an annex to the Financial Policy will be introduced to cover the specifics of the matters of that Group. All the specific issues around formation, activity and dissolution of the group will be contained in the Youth Group Policy.

12.The New Lyric Operatic Company Youth Group

A Youth Group Committee, consisting of eight Company members, and inclusive of co-ordinating members of the main Committee, shall be elected each year at an Annual General Meeting. The functions of this Committee shall be the organisation and co-ordination of all activities of the Youth Group in line with the objectives of the Company.

13.Youth Group Finance

This is managed in accordance with the New Lyric Operatic Company Financial Policy. For any events or other initiatives, which need to be financed on behalf of the Committee, a Request will be submitted to the Treasurer and recorded accordingly. The money will be released from the account or via cheque, signed by the Treasurer and another member of the Executive Committee with signatory powers.

14.Banking Account

A Banking Account shall be maintained in the name of the "NEW LYRIC OPERATIC COMPANY" and all cheques drawn, or withdrawals made therefrom, shall be signed by TWO of the following:-

Chairperson for the time of tenure

Secretary for the time of tenure

Treasurer for the time of tenure

The funds of the Company may be used only to further the objects of the New Lyric Operatic Company (including the Company Youth Group when applicable) and for no other purpose. No banking account in any other name will be held in connection with the Company's activities.



The Company may invest any funds which they deem to be surplus to the Company's immediate requirements. Such investments may, however, be made only in deposit or investment accounts of recognised banks (or wholly-owned subsidiary companies of recognised banks) in Northern Ireland, Building Societies, or Government stocks with less than five years to maturity. The Committee is specifically debarred from investing in any venture of a speculative nature or in the equity stock market.


All payments on behalf of the Company shall be made by cheque drawn on the banking account following the receipt of an invoice for service/costs.


The Financial year of the Company shall commence on 1st June an annual Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet, or Income and Expenditure Accounts, shall be prepared within 1 calendar month after the end of the Company's financial year.

18.Statement of Accounts

Statement of Accounts will be available at the Annual General Meeting for inspection.


19.Production money

All money due from members in connection with the production performance of any work shall be accounted for and paid to the Treasurer within  twenty-one days after the conclusion of the final performance.

20.Production Accounts

Within three calendar months after the final performance of any work produced by the Company, the Treasurer shall prepare a summary of the income and expenses of the production and the same shall be available for inspection by the members on request. This should be a month, provided that the Treasurer is doing balancing as they go. The treasurer will have a month to gather all the minor sheets, receipts etc and make sure that they are reconciled as well as producing the final figure for the performance.


The membership year shall be from 1st September to 31st August the following year. The amount of the annual subscription to the Company shall be determined from year to year by the Committee. Annual subscriptions shall be payable by 30 September each year and any member whose payment is outstanding by this date shall not be entitled to participate in any subsequent musical events. No new member shall be entitled to any privileges as a matter of right until his/her subscription is paid.

22.Application for Membership

Application for playing or non-playing membership shall be made via membership form to the Secretary who shall submit such applications to the Committee.

Application for membership is open to all persons irrespective of ethnicity, gender, religion or disability who have reached the age of SIXTEEN years or more (upon the date of audition.)

Application for membership of the New Lyric Operatic Company Youth Group is normally open to persons between NINE and EIGHTEEN years of age.

23.Playing Membership

A candidate for playing membership shall attend for audition, initially for singing by the Musical Director and the audition panel to establish his/her musical ability; other skills must be included on their application form. A written notification of acceptance shall be made, or in some instances via email. The music audition panel is appointed by the Committee to ensure fairness to the applicant.

Application/auditions for playing membership will be formally held twice annually in January and September.

24.Applicants for Auditions for Principal or Supporting roles.

Annual subscription must have been received before an application can be accepted from any member to audition for a part in a production.

25.Selection of Cast

The cast for any production shall be selected by the Director, Musical Director and Choreographer; their selection to be subject to ratification by the Committee. The ratification system is in place to ensure that any information unknown is examined and acted upon as required. All the primary or ratification voting must be carried out excluding any member of the committee  voting may concern. The committee has the right to engage any member without fee or payment for a production. However this must be ratified by the committee. Members selected for a principal or supporting role will be notified by a committee member that was present at the auditions. Members who have been successful in gaining a role will be asked to sign an agreement on any conditions deemed necessary by the committee and the production team.

 (The Conflict of Interest Policy provides detailed guidance around this.)

26.Revision of Cast

The production team will have the authority in conjunction with the committee to revise the cast if any member to whom a Principal / supporting role has been assigned is deemed unsuitable. The unsuitability will refer to skills required to meet standard for the part or attendance, which may compromise the quality of work or the reputation of the company. The Committee will endeavour to use the powers of cast revision sporadically, trying to improve the efficiency and quality of the selection process instead.

Any member, who has been assigned a principal or supporting role in a production, if not selected in the subsequent production for a role, will be expected to play in the chorus to be eligible for a role in the next production.

Moreover, any member who has unsuccessfully auditioned for a Principal or supporting role in a production is expected to play in the chorus of that production to be eligible for a Principal or supporting role in the subsequent production. All decisions will be at the discretion of the committee.

27.Attendance at Rehearsals

A record of attendance of playing members at rehearsals and performances shall be kept by the Secretary or nominated deputy. The Committee shall have the right to prohibit any member whose attendance at rehearsals shall have been irregular, from taking part in the performance of the work in preparation. Playing members absenting themselves from three consecutive rehearsals without adequate reason may at the discretion of the Committee be deemed to have resigned their parts within the current work then in rehearsal.

28.Expulsion of Members

The Committee may by a unanimous vote remove from the list of members the name of any member who has persistently neglected the work undertaken by the Company, and the name of any member whose conduct they consider likely to inhibit the ethos/ welfare of the Company. The detailed rules around the Expulsion of members can be found in the Code of Conduct.


 Members wishing to resign must give notice to the Secretary before 30th September. Resignation due to health matters will be accepted any time of the Membership Year.

30.Privileges of Non-playing/Life Members

Paid-up Non-playing and Life members shall have the right to attend and vote at General Meetings of the Company. All other privileges shall be determined from time to time by the Committee.

31.Honorary Members

The Committee shall reserve the right to elect an honorary member/s for one season only, any person not already a member of the Company whose services are essential for the production of a show.

32.Life Membership

The Committee shall have power to confer Life Membership of the Company on such person or persons as may be deemed to have rendered exceptional service to the Company. Life member Honours will be announced at the AGM following discussion and ratification by the committee.  

33. Other Companies

(1)Should a member of the company be selected to play a principal or supporting role for another Company, that member should inform the Committee. Agreement will normally be given provided there is no conflict of dates with our Company's musical commitments during the period of his/her absence. Should a person play for another Company contrary to the decision of the Committee, he/she risks possible exclusion from the next production.

  1. No person who serves as a committee member of another Company will be eligible for election to the Committee or any of the Offices of the Company.

34.    Appointment of Director, Musical Director and Choreographer

A Director, Musical Director and Choreographer shall be appointed by the Committee for each production undertaken by the Company. The appointee’s details will be agreed by the Committee at least one month before the commencement date for auditions. The Committee will then agree candidacy according to the details within the Conflict of Interest Policy. The production team must adhere fully to the conditions stated within the confidentially clause of the Conflict of Interest Policy.

35.  Selection of Works

The Committee shall select the work(s) to be produced, and/or the programme of events to be performed by the Company. If desired they will consult or seek assistance from the Director and/or Musical Director. However, the final selection must rest solely with the committee acting in the best interests of the full company.

36.    Payment to Members

No eligible playing/non playing member shall, except for Professional Services rendered at the request of the Committee, receive any profit, salary or emoluments from the funds or transactions of the Company. The details around the procurement good practice in relation to members’ services are included in the Conflict of Interest Policy.

37.Alteration of Rules

No alteration of these rules shall be made except at an Annual General Meeting or EGM, nor unless twenty-one days prior to such a meeting a written notice of the proposed alteration shall have been given to the Secretary, who shall in turn give fourteen days' notice thereof to the members. The resolution(s) shall be carried by a majority of two-thirds of the votes recorded thereon at the meeting.

No amendment may be made which causes the above Company to cease being a charity in law.

38.Interpretation of Rules

The Committee shall be the authority on every question of Order and shall be the sole interpreter of the rules of the Company. The decision of the Committee on any matter affecting the Company and not provided for in these rules shall be final.

39.Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Company shall be held within three months from the end of the Company's financial year:

-to receive reports and accounts for the past year,

-to elect Office-bearers,

-to fill vacancies on the Committee,

-to elect an auditor for the ensuing year

-and to transact general business.

The quorum of an Annual General Meeting shall be twenty members or more entitled to vote. The Chairperson of the Committee shall preside, and in his/her absence the Vice-Chairperson, and in his/her absence any member of committee may be elected by the chair or vice chair to vote to act in his/her place.

40.Notice of General Meeting

A printed or E-Notice of every General Meeting shall be sent to each member at least fourteen days prior to the day fixed for such a meeting.

41.Extraordinary General Meeting

An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at the discretion of the Chairperson in agreement with the committee or at the request of not fewer than twenty members of the Company. Every such request shall specify the business for which the meeting is to be convened (no more than two agenda items) and no other business shall be transacted at such a meeting.

42.Method of Voting

Except where otherwise provided, any matter at a meeting of Committee or General Meeting or Sub-committee shall be decided by ballot, by a simple majority of those present and entitled to vote.

Dissolution of the Company: The Company shall NOT be dissolved without the consent of TWO-THIRDS of the members present at a General Meeting, if and when it appears that the activities of the Company no longer fulfil the objects for which it was established. In the event of dissolution, any balance of cash remaining in hand after the realisation of assets and payment of debts shall be devoted to such charitable or educational objects as the Committee shall decide.